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GFWC News and Notes

posted Oct 8, 2012, 12:54 PM by Rita Hollada   [ updated Oct 8, 2012, 12:56 PM ]

Your President, Jane Folz is pictured as she and Gail Shaffer presented the Delaware ornament to the GFWC International President.  Be sure to sign up to receive the e-newsletter.

GFWC MAR Conference Registrants

posted Sep 20, 2012, 2:18 PM by Rita Hollada

Great news - Delaware now has 21 members registered to attend the MAR Conference in Lancaster next weekend!  Below is the list of those who have registered.  Everyone shoulld have a great time.  There are wonderful activities planned and lots of learning sessions.
Delaware Members Attending :
Truitt, Betty T. DE                     Acorn Club of Seaford
Davis, Justine DE                        Avon Club of Felton

Folz, Jane DE                              Dover Century Club/Selbyville Community Club
Forbes, Carolyn DE                    Dover Century Club

Rodriguez,"Trish" DE               GFWC Federation Guild 
Long, Peggy V. DE                    GFWC Federation Guild
Wright, Terry DE                      GFWC Federation Guild
Calvachi-Mateyko, "Charito" DE     GFWC Federation Guild

Arles, Grace DE                         New Century Club of Newark

Augermeier, Cynthia Lingo DE      Rising Sun Community Club
Knarr, Joyce DE                         Rising Sun Community Club

Hollada, M. Rita DE                   Selbyville Community Club

Heinold, Kathryn (Kay) DE        Townsend

Roberts, Sandra K. DE               VIA & WCIR
Conant, Jan DE                           VIA 

Palmer, Judy DE                         Women's Club of Odessa
Brown, Stephanie DE                  Women's Club of Odessa
Pyle, S. Carla DE                         Women's Club of Odessa
Miller, Emma DE                        Women's Club of Odessa

Belcher-Stack, Henrietta DE      GFWC Zwaanendael Woman's 
Peter, Lea DE                              GFWC Zwaanendael Woman's Club

Members Fair a Success

posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:40 AM by Rita Hollada

The Members Fair featuring the clubs of the Delaware Federation was a great day!  Each club had a different project or program to share and ideas were gthered by all who attended.  It was open to prospective members as well as current members.  Clubs displayed their favorite special project or offered items for sale as part of their fundraising effort.  On September 7, President Jane Folz wrote:

What was the best part of yesterday' Members Fair!  Priceless memories!    We have our anthemn   "I got you Babe."

Onward and upward!  CREATE the MOMENT  with the business of DSFWC governance.

MAR Coming Up

posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:36 AM by Rita Hollada

We have 19 members from Delaware traveling to Lancaster for the upcoming Middle Atlantic Region Conference.  For some, this will be their first MAR, but it looks like it will be a good one.  Lots of new ideas and innovation.  There may still be time for others to join us on October 5 & 6.

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