Henrietta Belcher-Stack

Dear GFWC Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs Sisters:

It is with a deep sense of pride, a vast sense of humility, and a profound sense of purpose that I greet you as the GFWC DSFWC State President. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your president.

The theme for the 2014-2016 administration is "Live the Legacy, Love the Spirit, Laugh with Heart and Always Dance with Enthusiasm". If we are vigilant, realistic, and dedicated, we can create the vision: 

Live the Legacy because we are lucky to have GFWC DSFWC past presidents who paved our way and our GFWC founder Jane Cunningham Croly who helped us realize our worth as women. This just scratches the surface our legacy.

Love the Spirit by volunteering as we have for almost 125 years with community programs such as the Food Bank, helping the homeless, helping our veterans and helping victims of domestic violence.

Laugh with Heart because this is good for the soul and helps decrease stress and makes everybody around you happy.

Always Dance with Enthusiasm. Be passionate about what you do, make every task a dance, and you will bring enthusiasm to all you do.

The President's Special Project is Inside Knowledge, which GFWC has partnered with the CDC to promote education of these killers of women. The goal of 2014-2016 GFWC DSFWC administration is to reach at least 1,500 women over the next 2 years with information and speakers to educate and help with early detection tips. If we touch 1,500 women with this powerful message and possibly save their lives, we could also look at the potential of 1,500 new members in Delaware. 

Thank you for the amazing work you do to make life better for our Delaware community. Together, we will make a difference in so many lives.

Yours In Federation,

Henrietta Belcher-Stack, CSA, CRMP
GFWC Delaware State Federation of Women's Clubs