Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D. - Scholar, Professor, Pushcart Prize nominee


Founder and Senior Developer of The Evolutionary Studies Collaborative at St. Francis College 

Founder and Editor of the ASEBL Journal site (animal studies ethical behavior literacy), 

I am also the general editor of the Bibliotekos literary website (along with Fredericka Jacks),

Founder and editor of Literary Veganism - An Online Journal 


Here's a 2019 video of me telling the Story of Jimmy

Earth Day Video on the Importance of Worms

Is There Moral Justification to Eat Meat?


"...strong passions have somewhat frayed the tolerance for ambiguity that is essential to science." -Carl Sagan

I've written on the subjects of environmental and animal ethics, veganism,  great ape social behaviors and intelligence, the arts from an evolutionary perspective, character, morality, and consciousness.

CONTACT: ebibliotekos [at] gmail [dot] com - clear subject line, please

Curriculum Vitae - website.pdf


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