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Recent Field Work

The 2012 field work included:
  • The Stockholm City Archive. This archive has responsibility for the records of Stockholm City and County. I used various parish records that have not been digitized or microfilmed such as: HV Lysningshandlingar, DII Längder över nattvardsgäster, GII Kungörelser, and others.
  • The Landsarkiv in Uppsala. This archive has the responsibility for the records of Dalarna, Södermanland, Uppsula, Västmanland and Örebro Counties. At this archive, I focused on various types of records that have not been digitized or microfilmed such as FII Arvskiften, FII Inrikes- och utrikespass, FI Häradsrätt Inneliggande handlingar, CI häradsrätt Liggare and others. 
  • The Landsarkiv in Visby (on the island of Gotland.) This was an introduction visit, having never been there before. The archivists were so kind and informative. What a rich experience! While there I also met with a local expert who shared great information about Visby and Gotland. What a special place. 
  • I had the opportunity to present 2 lectures at the Släktforskardagarna in Gävle 1. Vad lockade emigranterna till de olika platserna uti Amerika (What enticed emigrants to various places in America), and 2. FamilySearch Söka Rötter i USA (FamilySearch to search for family in the U.S.A.)

Current Projects

Swedish Historical Dictionary Database, SHDD

During 2013 and 2014 I helped create the Swedish Historical Dictionary Database, SHDD. The project started by scanning a Swedish, German, French, and English Dictionary that was printed in Örebro, Sweden in 1814.

We decided to make the Swedish and English content searchable. So over the last couple years we keyed-in every Swedish term with the English translation. With that data we created a database that is now searchable online for free. Here is a summary of the database:

  • It has over 41,000 Swedish terms with English translation
  • All words were keyed-in exactly as they were printed in 1814. So people can search using the pre-1906 spelling. The words in the database are more likely to match what users see in the records.
  • A user can search by Swedish or English
  • A user can do a partial search from the beginning, middle, or ending of a word. If part of a word is illegible in a record, the user can search based on what they can read.
  • Categories were added to help focus a search (similar to a word list.)
  • A user can search by page number to see all the words on a given page
  • A user can click on a page number to see the scanned image of the original dictionary
  • It works great from a PC or any mobile device
The database is available at: http://swedishgenealogyguide.com/shdd

Odd Thoughts and Favorite Quotes

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
                                                                       - Albert Einstein

Research Tips

Always work from the known to the unknown. You can waste a lot of time searching for clues in far fetched places. Eventually you start making conclusions and run the risk of getting further and further from what you know is right. Stick with what you know and build on it.

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