Data Files

Lobell, Banziger, Magorokosho, and Vivek (Nature Climate Change, 2011)

Lobell, Schlenker and Costa-Roberts (Science, 2011)

Civil conflicts are associated with the global climate 
Hsiang, Meng and Cane (Nature, 2011)

Schlenker and Lobell (Environmental Research Letters, 2010)

Schlenker and Roberts  (PNAS, 2009)

Google Earth Library

Instructions: Download the file, and double click (or right click) it to open Google Earth. Some of the data sets are dynamic, so time can be controled with the slider at the upper left of the screen. The images may take a few moments to load. You can save the file in Google Earth by dragging the layer to “my places.”  [Matlab code to generate Google Earth files with data is here.]