Fat Fridays


So What the Heck is a Fat Friday?

Fat Friday is also known as a "Fat Tire Friday" ride. This is the day that the mountain bikes and cross bikes take center stage for the club ride. While "skinny" tires would not be turned away, the terrain ridden definitely leans more towards a Clydesdale than a Thoroughbred.

So, if you fancy a change of pace, want to explore new routes and have a fun ride, join us on intermittent Fridays, when we will be riding the local trails, single track and rail trails. 

As well as your fat tire bike don't forget to bring along an appreciation of the great outdoors and a bit of a sense of humor.       

Do the Rides Happen Every Friday? 

No, at this point the ride schedule is not cast in stone so we use the club's Google Group email to keep everybody informed. We are always looking to the group to help add rides to our repetoire.  If you have a favorite ride that you think others would enjoy contact John so we can all share in on the  amazing places our area has to offer.    

So Where Do You Ride?

Here is a short list of some of last year's rides to give you an idea of the places we go:

1.  We drove to Greenwood and started the ride with a fine brew from the Deadwood Junction coffee shop. We rode back along the Trans Canada Trail with a detour at Eholt to ride Paul's loop. Unfortunately this section still remains on our "to do list"  as our guide Paul broke his chain on the first hill.

2. We explored a trail off of Goat Mtn Rd and ended at the very top of somewhere with a fantastic view.

3. We rode the Fisherman Creek Trail a few times. It's a challenging trail with a steep climb from 2300ft to 3300ft elevation.    

4. We rode the rail trail from the east end of Hardy Mtn Rd west to the top of the Reservoir Trail, a single track climb from 1900ft to 2600ft elevation. Our guide was Astrid's young son Seamus, who showed amazing strength and agility from his presently small frame ... glimpses of a young athlete with a formidable future.    

5. We also did not limit ourselves to daylight riding. The ride out to Cascade Falls along the Trans Canada Trail started at sunset and returned by the light of the full moon.