Cycling Etiquette

Which one are you?

A Few Rules Of Cycling Etiquette

1. Don’t be late! If you arrange to meet at a certain time, the group will leave if you are not there on the minute.

2. Ensure you have a good understanding with the group members if someone punctures, will anyone stop and help, or is it each man for himself?  The rule of thumb on club rides is the group will stop and help. Always carry your own spares and don’t expect others to give you theirs. It’s a small thing that may soon disappear from your memory, but the lender never forgets. Ever!

3. Don’t spit or blow your nose when sitting at the front of the bunch. Move aside and then spray.

4. Take your turn in front if you are sitting in a bunch. If you are riding with a group of friends, it’s fine to sit in the bunch and enjoy. However, and this is probably the most important rule of all, if you do not take a turn pulling, you must not sprint over the finish line first. No one will want to be your friend if you do this.

5. If you are riding on your own, or with a friend, and a bunch comes past, do not just jump in. Ask first if they mind if you join them. If you do join in, do not get in their way join at the back.

6. Do not feel compelled to fill all the silences. Sometimes it’s OK not to talk. If you notice the person next to you is answering in monosyllables, grunts, or not at all, it could be time to keep quiet. 

7. If everyone has agreed that it’s going to be a slow ride, don’t race up the hills and show off. All you do is annoy everyone, because they know they can in fact beat you, but have chosen not to as they are on ‘a slow ride’. 

8. If you arrive to ride with a new bunch of people, or to race, and the question is asked, always deny you are fit, strong or in training. Never admit you’re in good shape, it just encourages resentment towards you.

9. Don’t finish a race and give anyone who’ll stand still long enough a full post mortem on every pedal stroke. Only your mother cares, and even she’s getting tired of it. Ride because you enjoy it.

10. Don’t take it too seriously. If you screw up a sprint in the Tour de France you can bang your handlebars and curse. Not at Tour de Nowhere. It’s unsportsmanlike and you’ll look like an idiot. 

11. Congratulate people if they’ve won or have ridden a good race. The goodwill comes back to you soon. Remember the rule. Humble in victory, magnanimous in defeat.

12. Use only regular hand signals with motorists. It’s a fact cyclists annoy most drivers. Accept it, and then try to do what you can to reverse it. If someone hoots, acknowledge it, and acknowledge cars by raising your hand, not your middle finger.

13. Smile! Cycling is fun!

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This should also done when passing other riders