Club Rides

Ride Schedule
** 2016  Outdoor season:     March 13, 2016 to September 25, 2016 ** 

Tuesday         5:15 pm 
Wednesday     5:15 pm
Thursday        5:15 pm 
Sunday           9:00 am  (possible 10:00 AM or later start for the months of March and April)

All rides leave from Chain Reaction Ride and Slide, located at 1815 Central Avenue.

** You are expected to fulfill the legal requirement of having a Cycling BC license to ride with the club ** - check out the Membership Page for details

Wednesday, while not restricted to Ladies only, is a Ladies choice ride. This means that the Ladies set the ride distance, route and pace. Weekend rides tend  to be at a slower pace but for longer distances.

Friday is couples night and should be arranged by club email

** Looking for a riding partner any other time? ... send an email out on the club email list! **



Most rides should have the following components:

Stage 1 – The Carson Rd. warm up riding at an average pace of  25km/h.

Stage 2 – The ride to the turnaround point at an average pace of  28 – 30 km/h.

Stage 3 – The pace on the return home is not limited and multiple groups are expected to form.

The route should be discussed before the start of each ride.    It would be helpful if experienced club riders take charge and set the route but everybody is allowed an opinion.   Moreover, suggestions for grouping can be made so riders of all abilities can be challenged.

 Stage 1

We will leave Chain Reaction by turning left onto the one-way street (Donaldson Dr.) and ride down to the stop sign on 19th, by the Bus Depot. Take a left and ride to the traffic light by the Arena where we turn left onto Hwy. 3. After a short distance we will take the Trans Canada Trail. Don't forget pedestrians have the right of way on the trail.  In Ruckle Subdivision we will head south on Como Rd. and then left onto Cameron Rd (alongside airport). Finally we will turn right onto Kenmore which gets us onto Carson Rd.    This is a warm up route, at a pace of 25 km/ h where we ride two abreast in a double pace line). Technically it is illegal, but with the low traffic volume it is safe on the straights stretches and it allows the club to socialize before a harder effort. 

At the junction of North Fork Rd, and Hwy 3 the predetermined route, established at Chain Reaction will be followed (this is the start of Stage 2).

 Stage 2

If we head north on North Fork Road, we will set an intermediate pace in a single pace line (yes, socializing is over) between 28 and 30km/h. However the pace will pick up as the year progresses because we expect the fitness levels of all riders to increase.  If ability groups have been established, this is a good time to split up.  Since the course is flat, we expect the main group to stay together, at an even pace, (no surging with different leaders).  Please refer to the website under InformationRiding in Pacelines.

If we cycle through town, we will stop at all traffic lights.  Don’t panic if the group gets split up at a red light we will rejoin later (see below). A single paceline through town is mandatory.  When we ride up Granby Rd. (hilly side), the hills will fragment the group.   As this is still Stage 2 it is a group ride so we will need to have a place to regroup. 

We will have three ‘Catch Up’ sites, the landfill, the top of Snowball Hill, and the Fire Hall.  At these points we will either wait on the side of the road or ride back to pick up riders until everybody is regrouped.  All riders know that some days are harder than others so please inform somebody in the group if you are turning back, otherwise the group will be needlessly waiting for you.

When and if we go up the Granby or Brown Creek Roads there is no need for a catch up site. Slower riders can turn around early and a regrouping will occur as the faster riders return on the same route.  Some riders may not want the group to wait for them, and as mentioned before please let somebody know if this is the case.  However, we do not encourage splitting up on the way out. We really don’t mind waiting. 

Stage 3: Let the Hardcore Training Begin!! 

The return route is an individual matter. Normally the return section will be where the pace picks up to the maximum.  We encourage you to try to stay with the main group if you can or try to connect with other like-minded riders at a more preferable pace. You can also choose to ride alone, but it sure is nice to have a friend’s wheel to follow to give you a break from the wind every so often.    

Use only single or rotating pacelines during this fast paced section of the ride. Be mindful of motorists and only double up the line on straight stretches. Also be aware that as you approach your physical limit, your decision making may become slightly impaired. Please try to remain aware of your surroundings and get home safely so we can ride again tomorrow!

If a rider wants to try and go with the lead group but doesn’t want to end up at the head of the line, it is okay to hang on to the back and skip a turn at leading the pack. However, when doing so, use the special protocol for staying on the back of the line (see Riding in a Paceline).  This should allow you to stay on and not get dropped.  

Ride start location