Club Championships

Hill Climb:    August 26 and September 2 2016    6:30 pm

Time Trial:   August 25 September 1 2016    6:30 pm

Contact: Heather Shilton 

The GFCC Club Championship 16 km ITT will be held Thursday, August 25th and Thursday, Sept. 1st, while the Hill Climb (HC) event will be held the following nights on Friday, August 26th and Friday, Sept 2nd.  Times will be approximately 6:30 pm, following a group warm up.  The HC will be of the mass start format and all events will be timed with the help of volunteers.
Your BEST time, whether you participate in one or both events, will be your recorded time for the Club Championship.  Hopefully the "two event" format will permit a greater turnout for all club members.

At the end of the season the Grand Forks Cycling Club holds a competition for its annual club championships for the hill climb and time trial. The hill climb championship distance is 2.2K. The time trial championship distance is 16K. 

Awards for club champions are given to the top male and female cyclist in each event. A sprint championship is also awarded based on the accumulation of points from sprint nights held throughout the season. All awards are presented at our year end party, which is usually held on a convenient weekend in the fall. Names of the newest championships are added to the Club Champions list you see on the right side of this page.


1. The 16K TT course is the one we always use starting from Copper Ridge
2. The 2.2K Hill Climb course starts at the corner of  Hardy Mountain Rd and North Fork Road (at the mailboxes).

Who is eligible?

Any member of the Grand Forks Cycling Club with paid membership dues and a current Cycling BC license may compete for any title or award. 

Are there entry fees?

No. Entry is free to all club members.



      Click here for Previous Years HC and TT Times            

            GFCC Club Champions List

Sprint               Female                    Male

2006                      Not Awarded                Anton Kew
2007                      Not Awarded                Noel Fisher
2008                      Not Awarded                A.  McKinlay                
2009                      Not Awarded                Anton Kew
2010                      Not Awarded                A. McKinlay
2011                      Mary Sebastian             A.  McKinlay
2012                      Shelley Behl                 A.  McKinlay
2013                      Astrid Kihl                    Dan Sharp
2014                      Astrid Kihl                    A. McKinlay

Hill Climb          Female                    Male

2006                        Not Awarded                Frank Phipps
2007                        Dana Riester                 Frank Phipps
2008                        Jen King                       Frank Phipps
2009                        Not Awarded                Frank Phipps
2010                        Jen King                       Brian Marsh
2011                        Julia Hlynsky                Brian Marsh
2012                        Astrid Kihl                   
Brian Marsh
2013                        Astrid Kihl                    Brian Marsh
2014                        Astrid Kihl                    A. McKinlay

Time Trial          Female                    Male

2006                       Not Awarded                  Anton Kew
2007                       Dana Riester                    Murray Behl
2008                       Danielle Burki                 Murray Behl
2009                       Shelley Behl                    Brian Marsh
2010                       Shelley Behl                    Brian Marsh
2011*                     Heather Shilton                Brian Marsh
Heather Shilton                Peter Shilton
2013                       Astrid Kihl                       Murray Behl
2014                       Astrid Kihl                       Brian Marsh

* Since 2011 the Club Championship TT has been 16K instead of 40K

Rider of the Year

2006                       Graeme Carlson
2007                       Noel Fisher
2008                       Danielle Burki
2009                       Pierre Peron
2010                       Shelley Behl
2011                       Brian Marsh
2012                       Dan Sharp
2013                       Astrid Kihl / Brian Marsh
2014                       Andrew McKinlay
2015                        Jen Dressler
2016                        Wayne Hind

Team Time Trial 30K Record (Omega to OK Tire)

2006                       46:26  (

38.8 km/h)

                                Anton Kew
                                Andrew Sellars
                                Frank Phipps
                                Tom Stewart
                                Murray Behl

Kootenay Pursuit 119K Team Time Trial (Bombi Pass)

2008                       3:19:00  (35.9 km/h)  

*new record

                                Anton Kew

                                Robb Sebastian

                                Michel Pelletier

                                Murray Behl