4pTTT and Boulder HC

Boulder HC    Cancelled for 2017

4pTTT           Cancelled for 2017      

Contact: Nipper

This is a club event that we open up to friends who want to share the fun. The team time trial can be highly competitve or  just a casual, fun bike ride depending on the type of team you bring. It is a venue for riders of any ability and it provides an opportunity to participate in the exciting sport of Team Time Trial. First timers are especially encouraged to join in and see what it's all about.                 

Hill Climb will leave Grand Forks from the USCC at 9:00 AM. Start time is 10:00AM
              - 4pTTT  starts at 10:00 AM

What:   - Boulder Hill Climb Time Trial is 16.7 K (5% grade average, max 10% see profile below)
              - 4 person team time trial is a distance of 80 km


Where:  - Boulder HC leaves from the USCC (same place as Robb's Ride), but the climb starts in Curlew, WA
               - 4pTTT is in Grand Forks and starts at the corner of North Fork Rd and 75th Ave (the same as the TT start for the BC Masters TT Course)

Why:     - Experience the thrill of riding a Team Time Trial

              - Challenge yourself to a great hill climb for fun and bragging rights.

How Much: - 4pTTT is  $80.00 for a team of four (pre-registration available, payment due the day of the race)

                      - Day of the race registration will be held at Hutton School

                      - Boulder HC is free (no pre-registration available)

Awards: - Awards should begin around 12:30 PM (after the 4pTTT). Location TBA

               - Awards are given to the top male team by time, the top female team by time, the top mixed team (2+2).

               - The post ride get together for the Boulder hill climb will be at Tugboat's in Curlew.

The Courses:


The start is at the corner of North Fork Rd and 75th Ave, near Hutton School (which is the same place where our BC Masters Course TT starts). Parking is available at Hutton School. You head north and at the 15 km mark you cross over Hummingbird bridge. Just after the bridge go left at the Fire Hall and follow Granby Rd up to the turn around just beyond the 40 km road sign. The course is an out and back so you will finish back where you started. You will notice distance markers painted on the road as you get within 15K of the finish. The markers are part of our BC Masters 40K ITT but they can be used as a reference because the two rides use the same finish line (The 30K marker means you only have 10K left to ride, the 35K means 5K left etc).

You may already be familiar with a good part of the course from our BC  Masters Race Weekend but don't panic if you don't. There will be signs at key intersections.  The road north of Hummingbird bridge is a false flat (slightly uphill built on an old rail grade) until you are 16 km north of the bridge (about 32 km from the start). Here the road starts to roll continuously until the turn at the 40 km mark. It's pitchy in places ... mostly 4 - 6 % but a few sections touch 10% ... not impossible, although your legs may beg to differ at that point. Water and goodies will be available at the turnaround point.

Boulder HC

We will be leaving at 9:00 AM from the USCC.  We will enter the US at the Danville/Carson crossing  which is the same one we use for Robb's Ride. The 16K ride to Curlew will be at a neutral pace and is used as a warm up for the HC. After passing through town we will assemble on the east side of Curlew at the pull out on Boulder Creek Rd. The climb is 5% on average with a couple of sections that rise to 10%. Traffic is usually very light. The finish line is at the summit (yellow curve sign) where fluids will be available in the parking area. The return trip home will be on the same route. We encourage you to stop at Tugboat's in Curlew for coffee and some bike talk. The total distance for the day is 85K but only 17K of that is hard riding. The easy spin back to GF after refreshments is a great way to cool down after an awesome ride.

**Please Note: 

1. The courses are not sanctioned or fully marshalled and are open to traffic. Please ride sensibly
2. There will be a minimal number of volunteers out on the 4pTTT course but the Boulder HC will only have volunteers at the start and finish lines.
3. We encourage all riders to be licensed, sign a waiver and have their Cycling BC license with them. 
4. You may want to look into purchasing additional medical coverage as your normal coverage may not be in effect when cycling in the USA.
5. You will need your Passport to cross the border.


1. Enjoy the time trial ... it's supposed to be fun!

2. Support vehicles are  allowed but please be aware of traffic and riders when stopping.

3. The third person's time stops the clock in the 4pTTT (you may finish with 3 riders).

4. TT bikes and full aero gear are allowed for both events.

5. Drafting another team is NOT allowed in the 4pTTT.

6. Have fun climbing Boulder ... it's a beautiful ride!

7. The 4pTTT teams will be sent off at 2 minutes intervals starting at 10 AM. Women's teams will leave first,  mixed teams second and  men's teams last.

8. The Boulder HC will have a separate mass start for women followed by a mass start for men.

Maps and Profiles: