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We are a small, enthusiastic and with one or two exceptions, good looking club. Well the last point could be argued ... but we are enthusiastic!!

Our membership is made up of men and women ranging in age, experience and focus. Some are roadies while others are of the mountain variety. 

Some have been riding for years while others are new to the sport. Some compete in triathlons, some in Masters races, and some just ride to keep fit. But one thing is for sure, they are all great people to ride with! 


Where Is Grand Forks, you ask...?    

No, not the one in North Dakota ... we are the other one located in British Columbia Canada. We enjoy a hot, generally dry summer and a not too cold winter (by Canadian standards). We have clean air, quiet roads and constant tail winds ... OK ... maybe not tailwinds ... but it sure is nice here!

Grand Forks, BC, Canada



 Thanks for the Support 

                                            CHAIN REACTION RIDE and SLIDE
                                            1815A Central Avenue
                                            Grand Forks, BC 
V0H 1H2

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