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GFA-BASIC 32 Update
Download the latest update of GFA-BASIC 32 for Windows

GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1 & GFA-BASIC for MS DOS

GFA-BASIC for Atari ST
The site maintaining the Atari ST version of GFA-BASIC

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A freeware installation program

Custom Controls
Interesting custom controls that can be used in GFA-BASIC 32. 

Source code

Added 3 Feb 2009 Custom Draw ListView Ocx
Download code showing custom draw in a GB32 ListView Ocx, without interfering with the GB32 Ocx properties.
Added 6 Dec 2006 from Christoph Bergemann He  succeeded to convert the "Thread" examples of Charles Petzold so that they can be used with GB32. Additionally, he was successfull to convert the "minitris" program available  in the internet.  The zip file contains:
  • IT532a-proc-4.pdf - Based on this some of the "thread" examples have been created 
  • createprocess-  WINAPI example of use of CreateProcess function
  • multithread - This is only a small adaption of the original program of Roland Walter
  • multithread_1- Two threads, thread1 - Four threads  
  • thread, threada, and threadb - based on IT532a-proc-4.pdf
  • threadapi, threadapi_1, threadapi_2,  and threadapi_3 - Charles Petzold program
Added 5 Oct 2006 from Christoph Bergemann containing:
  • Mine_hex - A conversion project from 16-bit GFABASIC, bothe version are included (Christoph Bergemann)
  •  Minesweeper - This is the gb32 version of the program (minesweeper!) of Frank Ostrowski which is distributed wih GB16  (Christoph Bergemann).
  •  Stacks - example of using of  "Stacks"  (Christoph Bergemann).
  •  VB Parser - A primitive parser to parse something like "2+2" to get the result 4  (Christoph Bergemann).
  •  Formel Parser - a simple parser; original code was in Visual Basic. Isn't pretty but it works  (Christoph Bergemann).
  •  BigDemo -  This is the GB32 implementation of the original GB16 program (Christoph Bergemann).