The results of the feedback of Febrauary 2009

On the 20th of February I asked for some feedback concerning the use and future of GFA-BASIC 32. I noted a decreased interest of GFA-BASIC 32 on the mailing list, but a constant number of hits on this site. Many took the time to e-mail me a short or sometimes a big message about their use of GFA-BASIC 32. Thanks!

More e-mail please!

I'm still in desperate need of feedback. I received mail from users that otherwise never participate in any discussion or forum. So I now know you are out there and still interested in GFA-BASIC 32! Please leave a message and tell me what you are doing with GFA-BASIC and about your future plans. Here are some statements from other GFA-BASIC users.

From Carl Sundberg (USA): "Please, whatever you do. Keep the site going. It was one of the very best Languages ever written... Nothing better has ever been written as far as I am concerned and dummy's like me use it all the time to write little routines I need. I am a language collector and have over 40 Basic's in my collection - some free and many paid. GFA Basic is the best! Please keep the site. I recommend it to people all the time. Programming teachers should use it to teach the language. I think it would take off again if educators used it in their classes..."

From Wilhelm Mannertz (Germany): "I am really a GFA-Power-User since a lot of years. And I am still coding a lot of different things every year. Yesterday evening I started GFA 32 under the gOS (Google OS) Linux by using WINE, it seems to work perfect from the first moment... I grew up with a ATARI 800 XL, the phantastic Turbo Basic from Frank Ostrowski, followed by several ATARI ST and a lot of programming with GFA-DOS, GFA 16 Bit under Win95/98 and now the phantastic GFA32. My opinion about GFA from the first moment, its excellent! That’s all for the moment, just a few words to let you know. You are not alone in this galaxie with GFA."

From Alexander Patuzzi (Austria): "I appreciate very much your efforts to keep alive one of the most intelligent programming languages. Although some years ago gfa16 seemed to me the most convenient means to program technical solutions without beeing a full time programmer, i accept that gb32 asks for more commitment with the programming part, but I can also get used to it."

From Kalle: "Hi Sjouke ! Thank you for holding GFA-Basic alive !!! I will use that stuff as long as I will be alive. Hope it takes some decades longer :-)"

Where do you come from?

I also mentioned the inclusion of Google Analytics to the site. I like to know where the constant interest for GFA-BASIC 32 is comming from. There is an average of 40- 100 hits per day, some days there are about 100, other days only 40. It turns out that more than 50% are from unique surfers, not from crawlers or search machines. The majority of surfers come from Germany (50%) and 25% come from my home country the Netherlands. This is not very strange since GFA was a German firm and already in the Atari ST years GFA-BASIC wast most popular in Germany and the Netherlands. Austria is a good third by the way!

I may start a blog

I now extended the inclusion of the analytics to all pages of the site, so I can see which subjects get the biggest attention. I think there is room for a blog to write about GFA-BASIC 32 internals and its paractical use. After disassembling I have gained a lot of new knowledge that I like to share and a blog seems to be the proper way. As you might know I'm not very fond of maintaining a web-site. It costs too much time and isn't any fun.

If you haven't mailed me yet, here is is my e-mail address:

1 March 2009

Sjouke Hamstra