Intrinsic Database support from GFA-BASIC 32


GFA-BASIC 32 has full support for the CodeBase database. GFA-BASIC 32 provides a COM interface for a special set of codebase DLLs to easily access all their methods and properties. The supported version is 6.4. GFA-BASIC provides separate DLLs for the dbase, foxpro, and clipper format. 

In GFA-BASIC 32 the entire CodeBase API has been encapsulated in OCX objects. All API function calls are now accessible as function methods or properties of Code4 OCX. Their syntax is the same as published by CodeBase; however, you should call them as Code4 properties and methods. For example, a call to the DLL function d4Open() would translate to GFA-BASIC 32 code as


The parameter list is also identical to the original DLL functions, including the structure pointers such as CODE4, DATA4, TAG4 etc.


The download contains the special GFA-BASIC 32 DLLs and documentation. The OCX objects are discussed in a German document only, but a CodeBase manual in English is included. The DLLs are to be copied into the GFA-BASIC directory, the directory of your program, or in the Windows system directory.

Starting with Update Build 1165 the CodeBase DLLs and documentation is included in the full package available at Download Update.