GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS

Everything you need to succesfully program in the 16-bits versions of GFA-BASIC


Zip file containing the 16-bits MS-DOS interpreter and compiler. Unzip to the directory of your wish.

GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1
Zip file containing the 16-bits interpreter. After unzipping run INSTALL.EXE to install the IDE.

Compiler & Linker
Zip fle containing the standalone compiler and linker for the Windows version. After unzipping run Install.exe to install the compiler into the IDE's directory.
Mirror: gfawin16-compiler download

Extension Tool
Zip fle containing the extension tool that adds more functionality to the Windows editor.
Mirror: no, yet

Programming in GFA-BASIC for Windows
Book from Sjouke Hamstra about programming in GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1 (Word doc-format).
Mirror: no, yet

An enormous amount of example code. There is something for beginners to professionals (9MB).
Mirror: no, yet


 GFA-BASIC 32 for Windows (all)


GFA-BASIC is available for a very long time. The first version was GFA-BASIC for the Atari ST, which was soon followed by a version vor the Amiga. After the development of the BASICs for the 68000 Motorola processor, GFA Systemtechik switched to Intel processor line.


Gfa started the development for MS-DOS which resulted in a language that provided a windows like graphical user interface. The implementation was completely compatible with the command syntax for Atari ST and Amiga. Unfortunately, the development took way too much time and many users lost their interest in GFA-BASIC. Despite the lost popularity, the MS-DOS version was a nice peace of work and is still a powerfull language. For instance, which language implements a graphical GUI and EMS memory commands? More....

GFA-BASIC for Windows 3.1.

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