Oh, hello there! Didn't expect you here. Welcome to my M.U.G.E.N. site.

4/20/2018: Happy 4/20, Joel edit release
It's been a while since this page has been updated, so I'm releasing a edit of Uncle Joel I started last month.
You can grab him off the Characters page under "Edits".

Also, happy 4/20.

12/1/17: Hosted Characters page update
A little update has been made to the Hosted Characters page. It color codes what is perfect, good, bad and/or complete and utter garbage.

<----Check it out on the right, under "Hosted characters".
11/16/17: More Garfello progress...
Well, I figured I'd show some progress on Garfield. While I don't have anything at the moment, here's something I'm working on:
More progress when it comes.