Adventures of a theoretical physicist

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Spin‐Up 2009
Organizer: Arne Brataas
Longyearbyean, Svalbard, May 31st – June 4, 2009

On top of Sarkofagen with view on Longyearbyen.




Lorentz Center, Leiden

Workshop on Spin Caloritronics (February 2009)

Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyoto.

Spin Transport in Condensed Matter (November 2008)


Mark and Bll enyoying autumn leaves. More pictures here.


NIST, Boulder (July 2008)

View from Long's Peak (4,344 m) down the Homestretch. 


Centre for Advance Study 

Oslo, Spin and Charge Flow in Nanostructures, January-February 2007


5th International Symposium on Metallic Multilayers, Boulder, USA, June 2004, climbing Twin Sisters.



Advanced Research Workshop on Semiconductor Nanostructures, Queenstown, New  Zealand, February 2001.