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July 30, 2006 

Sawyer will be back living at home and only going to the hospital as an outpatient...soon. He's doing great with the wheelchair, and has started learning leg braces, though I hear it is difficult and challenging. Sawyer has an amazingly great attitude, and some wonderful friends and family to support him. Thanks to all for the pictures and good wishes. Your thoughts and pictures are still appreciated.


June 11th, 2006 


People from all over the world have seen this page, and some of you have added pictures via Flickr, or joined the Frappr map.  Sawyer prints these pictures for his room, and loves looking at the map. Sawyer is in great spirits, knowing so many people (632 as of this writing) have checked in and thought of him. We saw him today, and he sends regards.

A message about Sawyer has been included on Adam Curry's Daily SourceCode podcast number 400, and on Ed's Mixed Bag podcast (about 22 minutes in). Thanks, guys.

I encourage you to pass this page on to friends, ask them to Blog it or pass it on, and keep the pictures and map links coming. Thanks very much for visiting - Uncle Howard.



June 3, 2006

My Nephew, Sawyer, is a 12 year old boy in New Jersey, USA who was stricken just a few weeks ago with a sudden illness that has left him challenged with lack of mobility from the waist down. 

He is currently in a rehabilitation hospital in Northern New Jersey. This website is dedicated to supporting his rehabilitation by asking people to take photos of themselves, all over the world, with a sign saying "Get Well Sawyer." 

One easy way to get the pictures to this page will be to post a picture of you with a sign that says "Get Well Sawyer" to the photo sharing site  Flickr with a tag of "GetWellSawyer" or post it to the public Flickr group called "GetWellSawyer." If you can indicate by place (in front of a monument or obvious tourist attraction), sign, tag or photo info where you've taken the photo, that would help us track this. Thanks.

We have also created a Frappr Map. Please add yourself! 

If you blog about this, please use the tag "getwellsawyer" .

You may also send a photo to GetWellSawyer (a t) . Please keep mail appropriate for a 12 year old. Photos sent to us will be placed on Flickr unless you tell us not to.

Please feel free to pass this along, and please encourage friends to send pictures. However, we don't intend to creat a "chain mail" problem or internet rumor. This is actually happening in June, 2006. Don't sent pictures after August, 2006 unless we change the site to encourage it.