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Movie Title :Adaptation.

Frequently cynical screenwriter Charlie Kaufman has just taken on a new assignment. That is, to adapt writer Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief" into a screenplay, all of it based on the life of the eccentric John Laroche, an exotic plant collector based out of Florida. While his easygoing twin brother Donald, is writing scripts with ease, Charlie finds himself on a perpetual struggle that never seems to end.

Year : 2002

Genres : Comedy Drama

Rating [imdb] : 7.80

Charlie Kaufman writes the way he lives... With Great Difficulty. His Twin Brother Donald Lives the way he writes... with foolish abandon. Susan writes about life... But can't live it. John's life is a book... Waiting to be adapted. One story... Four Lives... A million ways it can end.

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Actors : Nicolas Cage=Charlie Kaufman / Donald Kaufman Tilda Swinton=Valerie Thomas Meryl Streep=Susan Orlean Chris Cooper=John Laroche Jay Tavare=Matthew Osceola Litefoot=Russell (as G. Paul Davis) Roger Willie=Randy Jim Beaver=Ranger Tony Cara Seymour=Amelia Kavan Doug Jones=Augustus Margary Stephen Tobolowsky=Ranger Steve Neely (scenes deleted) Gary Farmer=Buster Baxley Peter Jason=Defense Attorney Gregory Itzin=Prosecutor Curtis Hanson=Orlean's Husband Agnes NaDene Baddoo=Orlean Dinner Guest (as Agnes Badoo) Paul Fortune=Orlean Dinner Guest Paul Jasmin=Orlean Dinner Guest Lisa Love=Orlean Dinner Guest Wendy Mogel=Orlean Dinner Guest

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Directors : Spike Jonze

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