Claim Treasury Unclaimed Money

Treasury Unclaimed Money
Get Treasury Unclaimed Money regardless of who owns it! Yes, Unclaimed Government Property and the Unclaimed Property Division. This is property and money that the your government doesn't want you to know it has. More specifically, the county and state put this money into accounts and hold it. Interest earned from the bank stays with the county and/or state. Coincidentally - wink, wink - the county and state don't communicate with the rightful owner of this money.The money is from surplus funds from foreclosures.What happens to money left over if a foreclosed home sells for more than the bank has a right to?The bank can't keep the money. They can claim only the amount they are owed.Who does get to keep the overage?
Remember the mort company doesn't owe anything to the ex owner, plus the ex-owner may not be entitled to the money.
First in line are mortgage holder, judgement holders, lien holders.
The foreclosing bank doesn't care about that. Trustees for the bank go the easiest route. The trustee gives the money due to the bank, to the bank. The excess, overage, surplus - whatever you want to call it - goes to the clerk of the court and/or the sheriff's department, depending on the state. At that point, theoretically, all parties entitled to the surplus are then notified and the money given out.
No effort is made to do this.
Judgement and lien holders aren't notified and don't check on it. Second, the county or sheriff's departments makes interest on the money as long as they hold it.
The state eventually gets the money.
The state gets interest income as well and doesn't add the money onto the online list.
This money can be yours! Our program takes you by the hand to get the money.

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