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Please take notice of the following

 Older files will be moved to

These RPMs are experimental and should be used for development only

Compiz-Fusion (Compiz-0.6.4) for PCLINUXOS2007

All documentation for this project has been moved to Compiz-Fusion for PCLinuxOS 2007


E17 (Enlightenment-0.16.999) for PCLINUXOS2007

All documentation for this project coming soon


Other applications


The applications below have been moved to


KIBA-DOCK RPM (this one needs to be updated)

PCManFM-3.2.2 RPM 

LXPanel 0.2.4 RPM

LXSession 0.1.1 RPM

Qingy 0.9.6 RPM

To install downloaded rpms.

  • download the rpm into a separate directory (folder)
  • open a terminal in that directory
  • get superuser priviledge (type su and then your password)
  • type rpm -ivh *.rpm (if you are upgrading from a previous version from this site, type rpm -Uvh *.rpm).