The Plan :

Learn a little, laugh a little, play a little ... every day a little.

If I forgot anything here you can find everything you need at zombo.com

Discover Google. It’s more than just an ordinary search engine. There's a lot to learn inside search, like stuff about iPads in Education.

Learn how to tap into Google’s free online toolset and knock down the walls of any classroom, engage students and make connections in new and exciting ways. During this workshop teachers will build robust tools that can immediately be used in the classroom. Create an interactive map for a literature, history, math or science class. Have students take part in a collaborative writing exercise with a shared writing tool. With these and other open-ended tools, the options are endless.

There will be a lot going on today and we'll need to get organized. I'm looking for a volunteer to be our D-in-C, Designer-in-Chief, to keep our collaborative Google Doc pretty and well organized. You're invited to join the doc now: St. Annes - Belfield Collaborative Notes

If you want to add our collaborative Doc to your Google Account sign up here or login to your Google account before you click the link above. If you've clicked it and logged in afterward just refresh the page.

Also, since we're Gettin' Googley today, you may want to install the Google Shortcuts extension for Firefox. It will give you one click access to all the Google Tools we'll use today and you can explore more on your own afterwards.

Google in 1998
Google Home Page 1998: What a long strange trip it's been!