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Route 13:Chester Avenue

Route 13:Chester Avenue
is a trolley line part of the Subway-Surface Lines operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) that connects Center City Philadelphia to the Yeadon Loop with limited trolleys continuing to the Darby Transportation Center. The Route 13 is NiteOwl route offering daily 24 hour service. The line emerges from the 40th Street Portal with Routes 11, 34, and 36 and travels along Woodland Avenue for a block with Routes 11 and 36 before splitting off at Chester Avenue. At 49th Street, the Route 13 connects with the Elwyn Regional Rail Line. At 60th Street, the Route 13 cuts off from Chester Avenue and continues its course along Kingsessing Avenue. At Mount Moriah, there is a loop where some trolleys terminate. The line turns onto 65th Street to rejoin Chester Avenue to continue onto Yeadon Loop. Beyond the Yeadon Loop, select trains continue down Chester Avenue to Cedar Avenue where the line splits in half with southbound trains using 10th Street in Darby to access the Darby Transportation Center. Northbound trains return to Chester Avenue using 9th Street. The Route 11:Woodland Avenue trolley currently serves as the main trolley to utilize Darby Transportation Center. As with all SEPTA trolley lines the Route 13 is color coded green.

The Chester Avenue Line was completed sometime before 1900 by the Darby & Yeadon Street Railway Company to Kingsessing & 65th.
An extension of the route from Kingsessing & 65th to the site of the current Darby Transportation Center was completed in 1907. The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company rerouted the line into the Subway-Surface Tunnel that was also shared with the Market-Frankford Line in 1956. After Philadelphia Rapid Transit declared bankruptcy in 1939, it was reopened as the Philadelphia Transportation Company, which was absorbed into SEPTA in 1968.

Service on the Subway-Surface Lines is provided by a fleet of 111 Single-Ended K-Car LRV-Series 100 delivered by Kawasaki between 1981 and 1982. These cars are similar to the K-Cars on the Media-Sharon Hill Lines which are double-ended and use pantograph collection instead of trolley poles. Since the Subway-Surface K-Cars are single-ended, all routes require a loop to turn trolleys at their termini.

Future Service Proposal
All Route 13:Chester Avenue trolleys would continue from Yeadon Loop to the Darby Transportation Center and be further extended
to the Collingdale station on the Sharon Hill Line. The K-Cars would be replaced with double-ended articulated trolley cars to avoid the need to build a reverse-loop at Collingdale and to increase capacity on the Chester Avenue Line.


13th Street/Juniper

15th Street/Suburban Station

19th Street

22nd Street

30th Street Station

33rd Street

Sansom Common/36th Street

37th Street & Spruce

40th Street Portal

Woodland & Chester

Chester & 42nd

Chester & 43rd

Chester & 45th

Chester & 46th

Chester & 47th

Chester & 48th

Chester & 49th

Chester & 51st
Chester & 52nd

Chester & 53rd

Chester & 54th

Chester & 55th

Chester & 56th

Chester & 57th

Chester & 58th

Chester & 59th

Chester & 60th

Kingsessing & 60th

Kingsessing & 61st

Kingsessing & 62nd

Mount Moriah

Kingsessing & 65th

Chester & 65th

Cobbs Creek & 65th

Chester & Church

Chester & Yeadon

Chester & Duncan
Chester & Stetser

Chester & Allen

Chester & Alfred

Chester & Cedar

Westbound Only

10th & Mulberry

10th & Wycombe

10th & Summit

10th & Ridge
Eastbound Only

9th & Summit

9th & Ridge

Darby Transportation Center

MacDade & Chester

MacDade & Pine

MacDade & Cherry

MacDade & Roberta

MacDade & Jackson

MacDade & Felton

MacDade & Clifton


Stations in plain text indicate local service only.
Stations in bold indicate connecting services available.
Stations in italics indicate proposed or under construction.

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