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If you do any kind of article marketing, blogging or use PLR content then this is one toolyou need to have in your arsenal.

A long time ago I created a spinning tool called "Spin Writer" which many referred to as the best spinning editor they'd ever used. But it had its limitations...

So I've finally re-written this tool from the ground up and added a couple of massively powerful features that take this from very good to downright amazing.

Gold Spinner gives you the perfect blend of the speed of auto spinning with the quality output associated with manual writing.

So what is it?

It's a specially designed editing tool with synonym look up that can generate spyntax as you go.

This means you can put the spin variations in as you write and when you're done push a button and produce loads of unique versions of the same article.

In the time it takes you to do one article you are getting twenty, fifty or even a hundred unique spun versions.

The Gold Spinner - The Must Have Tool for Article and PLR marketers, Bloggers, Product Creators...

And this isn't limited to writing your own articles...

Most of us have hard drive full of PLR content that we rarely use because its not unique and if you run it through an auto-spinner the results are dubious at best.

With Gold Spinner you can quickly zip through any article, highlight words and drop insuitable synonyms in spyntax format.

You can save your spinnable version with its spyntax in place (suitable for direct uploading to sites and services that spin for you, or push a button and use the built in spin generator to create multiple spun variations on the spot.

If you can use a basic wordprocessor or editor (like notepad) you'll find using Gold Spinner childs play. 

Its so quick and easy to use!
  • Massive Customizable Synonym Library Built in: Highlight a word and the software suggests suitable spinnable words.

  • Builds the spyntax for you. Choose your synonyms and push a button and the spin code is put straight into your article automatically.

  • Built in article spinner. Just tell Gold Spinner how many versions of your article you want and push a button. It really is that simple!

  • Nested Spyntax support. Unlike many other spin tools, Gold Spinner supports nested spyntax (with no limit on how many levels deep). This level of power is usually only found in high-end, expensive spinning solutions.

  • Full Spell Checker. Just like a word processor you can spell check your document at the push of a button. Don't risk sending out articles with silly spelling mistakes.
Customize the Synonym Database
to your Niche Markets...

What sets this apart from other spin editors is that
 you can fully customize the Synonym database to suit the markets you typically work within. 

For example; If you sometimes write articles about dog training you might want the synonyms for "dog" to be words like "puppy, mutt, mongrel, pet", but if you never write about dogs in this sense you might want to have synonyms that mean "to dog someone", things like "pester, badger, annoy".

Thanks to the built in Synonymn editor you can tailor the database to suit you. Editing, adding and removing words and synonyms is quick and easy.

Over 86,500 words & 
146,500 synonyms to 
get you started...

Of course if you just want to fire up the software and use it "out of the box" then you'll probably find the supplied database of over 86.5 thousand words with 146.5 thousand synonyms enough to get anyone started right away!