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Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - Brief Look

Vendor                    :Bill Cousins
Product                   :Rocket Video Ranker 3.0
Launch Date            :2013-08-02
Launch Time            :11:00 EDT
Price                       :$17
Affiliate Network     :JVZoo
Niche                      :SEO & Traffic


Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - What is RVR 3.0?
Bill Cousins's Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 also known as RVR 3.0 is a method that helps marketers to rank YouTube videos for even competiitive kewords utilizing ranking algorithm to its full potential. It aims to provide you with a latest ranking tweaks that gains advantage against your competitors. If you know or not Bill Cousins Earlier Versions of Rocket Video Ranker were a massive hit.His Rocket Video Ranker 1.0 got "WSO Of The Day" and Rocket Video Ranker 2.0 received "JVZOO Product Of The Day"(JVZPOTD) three times.The new version is scheduled to launch on August 2 2013(Tentative).

About Bill Cousin 

Bill Cousin is the author and creator of Rocket Video Ranker 3.0, and he is a Video SEO expert who has created famous software such as YouTube Master Webinar 4, The YouTube Keyword Code 2.0, and Tube Master Webinar 4, Tube Views Secrets.People who are willing to boost their business online can definitely taste the success with this awesome Rocket Video Ranker 3.0.  

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - Do You Think I need it?
Well! you don't have to be a technical guy to use Rocket Video Ranker 3.0.You only need to follow the step by step 
instructions provided in the courrse in form of PDF and videos.In no time even a newbie can also rank his videos after 
implementing the tweaks and strategies given in the course.So I would say, there is no need to worry about your status as 
newbie or inexperienced as the course will teach you everything.

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - Features
In this Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 system, all videos is crafted to guide,how to boost your videos with the cutting edge technology on Google and YouTube successfully. You will discover the secrets of using YouTube's own ranking algorithm to create multiple page 1 video rankings,thumbnails and traffic.I would say very few people have either come across this techniques or have talked about this course by Bill Cousins,you will be using Youtube's very own system and video ranking algorithm to its unlimited potential and practically force Google and Youtube to give your videos a better ranking,leaving far behind your competitors.I guarantee you that is very super simple to do.

  • How to do the correct keyword research so your actually starting out on the right foot as far as the ranking terms you are going after.
  • How to set up and optimize the new YouTube One channel layout to get the most ranking power in 2013
  • How to create super professional high converting videos easily and cheaply (slide show music only videos are out).
  • How to upload… Optimize… and tweak your initial settings for the Rocket Effect!
  • How to use YouTube's own ranking and authority to push your videos to the top and keep them there!
  • How to use the YouTube video description area in a whole new way (no one else is teaching this)
  • Plus a few more of the very latest ranking tweaks that can be used to keep your YT videos on top!

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - Advantage
This new system will help to create high quality affiliate Sales Videos, upload it to YouTube account,power it rank no.1,impress your clients and make money.In my view, Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 is a perfect course for Video SEO work,thereby boosting your business and income together.

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - Cost Of Product
No need to worry about cost of product. It is only $17 which I assure you recover back with your first two videos only.

Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 - A Conclusion
Well! I can confirm that Rocket Video Ranker 3.0 is not a holy crap or a pure junk that will occupy the hard disk space.It is definitely a wonderful course by  Bill Cousins which focuses on video seoptimization or VSEO to gain top rankings in Google and youtube simultaneously.Thus it gives you to capitalize or we can say monetize on the quality organic traffic you get because of number 1 rankings.Therefore by no means you should hesitate to get rocket video ranker 3.0