How Do I Get My Pictures Back?

It is a moment we all dread when we accidently delete a picture, or worse all our pictures, on our camera and realise we do not have any backups.

Do not despair. Not all is necessarily lost. Depending on what you did to the camera card there is a good chance that some and even all of the pictures can be recovered. What was done to lose the pictures will determine what can be done to recover them.

If you search on the internet you will find many sites offering software for you to buy to restore your photos. All of these are good in certain circumstances, and if you are confident you can use them to recover your pictures. Alternatively you can contact us for a fixed price service to recover the pictures on your camera card.

How Does It Work?

  1. You contact us by email that you have a problem.
  2. We send you the instructions for sending the camera's memory card to us.
  3. You send the card to us.
  4. We acknowledge receipt of the memory card.
  5. We investigate to see if it is possible to recover your images.
    1. If we cannot, then we inform you and send your card back to you.
    2. If we can, we inform you and request payment.
      1. If you do not wish to proceed then we send your card back to you.
      2. If you do, then after payment has been received we then work on your request to Get My Pictures Back.
  6. We recover what pictures we can and also:
    1. Make a back up of all the pictures on your card - existing and recovered - arranged in a date order file structure.
    2. Make a similar folder of the 160 pixel by 120 pixel thumbnail pictures embedded in the picture headers.
  7. We then post the disks and your card back to you.
We keep a copy of your pictures on our system for two weeks to make certain that you  have received the pictures back. We then delete them from our system.

The total cost to Get My Pictures Back is £49.99.

Email us at: to let us help you to Get My Pictures Back.