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Movie Title :Wild Cherry

In high school, three girlfriends decide to make a secret pact with each other to wait to have sex, save themselves until they feel the time is right, despite an aggressive plan from the opposing sex. Written by David Flanagan

Year : 2009

Genres : Comedy

Rating [imdb] : 4.20

Never give it up.

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Actors : Rumer Willis=Katlyn Chase Tania Raymonde=Helen McNicol Kristin Cavallari=Trish Van Doren Ryan Merriman=Stanford Prescott Jesse Moss=Brad 'Skeets' Skeetowski John White=Franklin Peters Jeff Wahl=Scar Joel Labelle=Marco Tegan Moss=Hannah Tia Carrere=Ms. Haumea Bryan Clarke=Jared Chase Rob Schneider=Nathan McNicol Cory Wojcik=Coach Becker Curtis Moore=Mr. Potzwild Ashley Mayberry=Hagatha Benjamin Beauchemin=Student Commentator Elle Schneider=Sabrina (as Elle King) Suzanne Kelly=Teen With Pigtails Jeff Sutton=Guy in Beaver Costume David Turnbull=Football Jock

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Directors : Dana Lustig

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