Jaime Blanck
Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Jaime Blanck has been the liaison to the School of Medicine, including the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), at the University of Maryland, Baltimore since 2006. In this role, she provides instruction on a number of different topics including evidence-based medicine, writing systematic reviews, and technology classes for faculty, staff, and students. She is part of the evidence-based medicine curriculum for the Department of Pediatrics at UMMC. Ms. Blanck taught LBSC 762: Information Access in the Health Sciences at the iSchool, University of Maryland, College Park for the Fall 2010 semester. In addition, she chaired the planning committee for the campus-wide symposium @Hand: Mobile Technologies in Academia + Medicine in 2010.

Amy Blevins
Midwest Chapter

Amy Blevins is currently the clinical education librarian at the University of Iowa, a job she has held since June of 2010. Prior to taking the position at Hardin Library, Amy was the Education and Instructional Technologies librarian at East Carolina University's (ECU's) Laupus Library for the Health Sciences from November 2007 through June 2010. In this position, she was in charge of promoting resources and services through posters, flyers, social media, website announcements and emails. In addition, she served as the co-host and co-creator of a podcasting program, Research First Aid. The episodes served as commercials/public service announcements for resources and services provided by both the main library and the health sciences library at ECU. During Amy's current liaison appointment and her previous appointment as the Liaison to the College of Health Sciences at ECU (July 2006-November 2008), Amy has researched and applied various techniques to increase student, faculty and staff awareness of library resources and services. In addition to working with marketing in general, Amy also assisted in the redesign of the electronic resources pages at ECU (which provides a mobile resources icon) as well as the redesign of the mobile resources page.

Amy has developed and taught numerous one shot presentations in her career as a librarian. She has also developed many online tutorials and developed 5 online classes for Laupus Library at ECU. In addtion, Amy was awarded a Certificate in Distance Learning and Administration from East Carolina University in December of 2009.

Amy Blevins served as the chair of the Membership and Recruitment Committee and ran for chair of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association. She is currently the chair of the Educational Media and Technologies section and previously served on the Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee for MLA. She has served as a coordinator for multiple MLA webcasts and as a recorder for several roudtable sessions. 

Julie K. Gaines, MLIS
Southern Chapter

Julie K. Gaines, MLIS is the Head of the Library at the new Georgia Health Sciences University – University of Georgia Medical Partnership in Athens, Georgia. In her position she works closely with the medical students and with the clinical and science faculty. She is integrated into the curriculum, which gives her the opportunity to teach searching and research skills to find evidence-based information. Introduction to PubMed and other databases are classes that she teaches frequently on the Partnership campus and the University of Georgia campus. Julie also assists the faculty and students with their technology needs including social media and mobile technologies.
In her previous position as the Community and Technology Liaison Librarian at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Julie was active teaching in the community for health professionals and consumers. These classes included teaching CNE classes for nurses in South Texas. She also gained a lot of experience teaching social media through the Library’s Technology Brown Bag series where she also assisted in the design of the classes. Julie is active in the Medical Library Association and the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association, where she serves on committees in both organizations. Julie has previously been a member of the Continuing Education committee in the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association and also served as the Survey Liaison.

Maureen Knapp
South Central Chapter

Maureen Knapp is an Assistant Librarian at LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans. In addition to traditional reference services and bibliographic instruction, she also manages the library’s digitization initiative and assists with the development of library web services and technology. Ms. Knapp has served in leadership roles for a variety of professional organizations, has Senior Member certification as an Allied Health Information Professional, and is a member of the LSUHSC Academy for the Advancement of Educational Scholarship, a health sciences center-wide member organization recognizing faculty members’ involvement in scholarly teaching and educational research. Currently, Maureen is Survey Liaison for the South Central Chapter of the MLA. She is also a member of the LOUISiana Digital Library Committee, a state-wide advisory group made up of libraries, archives, museums, and historical centers participating in Louisiana’s Digital Library.

Ms. Knapp has developed and taught the following continuing education courses for MLA: Web 2.0 101: Introduction to Second Generation Web Tools (2008, via the MLA’s Social Networking Software Taskforce (SNSTF)); Dig Deeper with Social Media: Wikis (2009, via SNSTF); The Fine Art of Connecting Users: Incorporating Virtual Reference Services, RSS (2009, with Jodi Philbrick) and Rethinking Connections with our Users: Incorporating Mobile Devices into Library Services (2011, with Jodi Philbrick). At LSU she is an advisor and educator on mobile medical software and emerging technology, and currently offers technology lunch and learn sessions to LSUHSC Faculty via the LSUHSC Academy for the Advancement of Educational Scholarship.

Wayne Loftus
Midwest Chapter

Wayne has been building websites since the mid-nineties in a variety of environments for a large number of end-user devices. He as a deep interest in web services, a passion for good design, and a weakness for expensive gadgets. He has been a professional librarian since 2000 and has presented on topics as diverse as low-barrier usability testing, content strategy, web analytics, and designing with content management systems.

Melissa Rethlefsen 
Midwest Chapter

Melissa Rethlefsen has designed and taught many classes, using both in person and online only instructional formats. Examples include the MLA CE courses Web 2.0 101 and Dig Deeper with Social Media, for both of which she was an instructor.

Luke Rosenberger
South Central Chapter 

Luke Rosenberger has 15 years’ experience in librarianship and IT management experience in health and higher education organizations. He has served as Director of Library Technology and Historical Collections with the UT Health Science Center San Antonio for four years. In that capacity he manages program planning, project management, development and implementation of new services by the library’s Special Collections, Systems, and Web Teams. Luke’s role in the Libraries’ educational programs has included ongoing participation in the Emerging Technologies Brown Bag series, which has included over 30 presentations on emerging technologies since 2009, as well as classes and consultations on mobile applications. Prior to the UT Health Science Center, Luke worked with North Harris Montgomery Community College District (now the Lone Star College System), with Med-Care Emergency Medical Services, and with the University of Texas at Austin. Luke received his MLIS from UT Austin in 1999.

Suzanne Shurtz
South Central Chapter

Suzanne Shurtz has a MLIS from the University of South Carolina and a BS from Brigham Young University. Previous to being a medical librarian, Suzanne was a public school teacher. She also earned her English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching endorsement and taught English overseas. Currently, she oversees educational programs at Texas A&M University’s Medical Sciences Library. Suzanne teaches faculty and students how to utilize library resources, including mobile tools. In addition, she coordinates library staff training. Her most recent research projects have included evaluating ways in which Kindle and iPad e-readers can support research and education for library users.