How this course works (Fall 2011 description)

This is a self paced, online class with asynchronous learning. This course will be run through Google sites. Content, which consists of self-paced readings, online resources, and reflection activities, will be provided every other week from July - October 2011 on the Topics week by week page. Each topic focuses on a different aspect of mobile resources in the health sciences library. At the end of each topic, participants will analyze, understand, and gain meaning from the course content by completing a reflection activity, which will be gathered into a workbook and submitted for CE credit at the end of the course. See Resources for the workbook template. This workbook enables participants to create their own customized mobile resource manual which they could use as a reference and build on in the future.

Instructors and participants can also make use of the Google Group Get Mobilized - MLA for discussion during their learning module. Links and resources discussed in this class are available via the Delicious tag 'getmobilized': 

For CE credit, participants must complete the reflection activity for each module in the course workbook. At the end of the course, participants will submit their completed workbook to Maureen Knapp for CE credit. In addition, participants must complete an online evaluation, which will be posted at the end of the course. 

Course Completion Instructions

  1. Send your completed workbook to
  2. You will receive a reply email with a link to the course evaluation.
  3. Complete course evaluation, then email with your name and the message “evaluation complete” in the subject (no body text necessary)
  4. You will receive a reply email with a CE certificate of completion.