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Frequently Asked Questions

I registered and completed some of this class during the Summer/Fall 2011 Cohort but didn't finish. Can I try again?
Yes! Register for the Spring 2012 cohort and complete the weeks you did not finish. 
Some content has been updated so be sure to use the Spring 2012 workbook template.

Do I have to be a Medical Library Association member to register?
No. If you are not a MLA member leave that information blank on the registration form.

Do I have to complete every module to receive CE credit? Or can I pick and choose the topics I want?
You must complete all 6 modules to receive CE credit. Partial credit is not available.   

How do I get CE credit for this class?
To receive the 6 MLA continuing education credits for this class, you must complete all 6 reflection activities in the workbook, email the workbook to and complete the MLA Class evaluation.  

How much time should I budget for this class?
Readings and reflection activities are designed to take approximately 1 hour total to complete. Your mileage may vary. 

I will be out of town during some of the class. How do I make up the work?
This is a self-paced class. A catch-up week is offered after every module to finish the work.  

Tell me about this email distribution list I had to agree to when I registered
The Spring 2012 cohort will provide announcements via email when new topics are available to keep you on schedule. This distribution list is ONLY for announcements from course instructors - please use the GetMobilized-MLA Google Group for discussion and community. (Participation in Google group is optional and not required for CE credit). 

Tell me about this GetMobilized-MLA Google Group.
This is an optional discussion group and community for course participants, instructors and other parties of interest to chat, network and share ideas about mobile resources, services, trends and issues in health sciences libraries. You do not have to join the group for CE credit. Likewise, anyone who shares an interest in mobile resources is welcome to join  without taking the class. We would like the GetMobilized-MLA Google group to remain an active resource after the class is over.