Easily Create new listbuilding and sales funnels - Newbie friendly!

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I was lucky enough to "play" around with this software before release, and was very impressed with this.

Creating high converting salesfunnels is super important for any online business, and this software automates this whole process to make it 10 times easier.
I wish I had this software when I first started out in internet marketing. 
If you are still struggling putting together your own salesfunnels or if you are not very technically inclined, this software is perfect for you.
Get it while Barry is still selling it at this low price.

- Bertus Englebrecht

Watch As I Use This New Push Button Software To Create a 
Full Listbuilding & Sales
Funnel In Around
6 Minutes Flat!

No Coding, No HTML, No Expensive 
Wordpress Plug-ins needed!

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Once again Barry has put out a great product. As the saying goes "Simple software sells"! With Barry software, you cant use the excuse that I dont know how to build a list or create a sales funnel. This will definitely make a beginner look like an expert in no time flat! 
Thanks Barry!
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I got a chance to beta test this software and go through Barry's training videos, and both are absolutely excellent. The software is super simple to use, and makes creating sales funnels so easy it's unbelievable. And the sales funnel training could easily make a stand alone WSO itself.

Great software, great training, and great value at this price - this gets my highest recommendation.
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Freakin' awesome Barry! I have a project coming up this week this will be perfect for. I had been using a Wordpress plugin to do these before. Now I'll no longer be tied to Wordpress for quick squeeze page generation. Get this guys it's well worth the money.
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I have been waiting for Barry to release this WSO for a while now and I can't explain how happy I am it's available!! A while ago I purchased one of Barry's products and still to this day I get crazy opt-ins and sales. Barry is the real deal, and he knows what he is doing with this system. If you want to start a list, increase your current list, or simply just make some extra cash, this WSO is a no brainer. Thanks Barry, I can't wait to get started!!

So what would you rather do?

Try and get targeted traffic from ranking crappy blogs in Google only to have them swept away by a big Panda paw? 

Try and build lists without any structured monetized funnel and pay full price for traffic? 

Mess about with $97 plug-ins and themes and see hackers and hosting providers screw you?

With a professional funnel you can get paid traffic for free! Yes, you can recoup listbuilding costs from upsells and clicks on your download page ads.....

So, let's recap what you are getting....

1. Amazing Easy-to-use Software that makes all of your funnel pages..... WORTH $47


2. Full video trainings that teach:
Funnel Building 101
Using the software
Adding your own product to sell


3. Full Resources including:
Training Checklist pdf
Video slides pdf
Handy links

All contained in one handy desktop dashboard. 

I am not going to charge silly money for this WSO, even though each part of this adds up to $100+ of value.

Until I pull this WSO down, you can get this for..

[GET] Listbuilding & Sales Funnels Created In Minutes - Easy Funnel Maker Software DOWNLOAD

Things you should know:

This is software for the WINDOWS operating system. It will work on a Mac as long as the Mac has Windows. I can offer no support for Mac users.

You get a personal use license only. You can not re-sell or give away this product.

I will be selling this same product on my site for at least $37 when this special launch period is over

Don't miss out on this low, low price!

[GET] Listbuilding & Sales Funnels Created In Minutes - Easy Funnel Maker Software DOWNLOAD

Get it now before I sell it for $37 on my site

[GET] Listbuilding & Sales Funnels Created In Minutes - Easy Funnel Maker Software DOWNLOAD