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Leia Sadiku

posted 18 Jan 2012, 11:50 by David Ross   [ updated 18 Jan 2012, 12:13 ]

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the most beautiful thing in music... RAW talent.

Leia Sadiku is 20 years old and is based in North Carolina USA. After seeing just one video of her acoustic version of "Flight Facilities – Crave You" I became an instant fan. She has a soulful, yet up to date tone to her voice and combined with an amazing ability to write meaningful and effective lyrics, she really brings her own flame to her music.

Born in England (Burton-Upon-Trent) she remained here through her junior school years and was already beginning to dip her fingers into the musical world by playing the keyboard at a beginners level and listening and taking an interest in the music her mother would play.

“I remember my mum blasting Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Lionel Richie, Madonna and The Eurythmics from cassettes in the car and those strong voices I learned to appreciate”

She began writing and constructing her own songs from a very young age learning to express herself over years through the words she wrote down and will openly admit to continuing to learn about writing music and playing guitar to help her grow as an artist. She got her first guitar when she was just 8 and seemed to instantly fall in love with the instrument.

Leia was brought up by a single mum who in her own words is the most influential person in her life. Apart from being a 1st and 2nd grade teacher her mother is also a piano teacher and plays the flute so it is easy to see where Leia gets her love and talent for music. Inspired by all genres of music, Leia found a real passion for hip-hop and R&B with Lauryn Hill being her main inspiration.

“I would listen (still do) to Ms Hills Miseducation Album on repeat.”

It wasn't until she won “The Element” - a competition based at her University (Guilford College, Greenboro), that she began to get a real understanding for her own talent and realise that her music was actually reaching out to people. After the competition, Beau Young approached Leia as a fellow musician and the pair began collaborating with Rapper/Producer Dante Ck. Gradually working her way into the group “Superteam” made up of herself, Beau, Dante CK and Dave Krongel (guitarist). In the past Superteam have opened for the likes of Chiddy Bang and The Cool Kids. Leia seemed to really fit into the scheme of things working with rappers and hip hop artists.

Since then Leia and Beau Young Prince have been collaborating consistently and growing together in their confidence and their music. Playing at shows together has helped them create a great stage presence understanding each others energy on stage. They are weekly leaving the stage knowing they have done a good job.

In the future you can expect a collaborating mixtape from Beau Young Prince and Leia Sadiku which is due to be released in April so keep your eyes open for when that drops. Leia also continues to play her acoustic material in different venues around North Carolina and is planning a solo EP with both acoustic and produced material to be featured. She also plans to continue to make her Youtube uploads which are simple and sweet to help connect with other artists.

Leia is a beautiful person with a beautiful talent, I am so excited to watch her career grow and see her reach all of her goals.

“I just wanna reach the "supposedly" unreachable”

I have every faith that with the work ethic, drive and sheer love and understanding for the music she makes, she will get there. So take 5 minutes to introduce yourself to her work and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


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