Why Hire Me?

If you are the person in charge of hiring for your company, you need a highly productive employee - especially in your Information Technology department.  You cannot afford for your company's important data to be vulnerable to malicious attacks by cyber criminals.

As a specialist in Information Network Security, I am confident that I am a worthy candidate.  I am educated and trained in hardware and software security as well as safe-user training for your current employees.

Valuable qualities in employees are found not only in their ability to do the job, but also in their ability to work as team players.  I am a team player who believes that working together is crucial to productivity.  I am highly regarded by my present and former employers as a smart, hard-working and trustworthy individual who can be counted on to perform honestly and efficiently even under the most demanding circumstances.

Though my resume is detailed and comprehensive, it cannot fully demonstrate the level of enthusiasm I have to succeed.  Character, personality, and the ability to work in a team environment can be evidenced in a personal meeting.  I welcome an interviewing opportunity at your earliest convenience.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  I am certain that I can be a contributing member of your company.

Jason S. Lee