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A Brief History of Get in the Game Hoops...

Welcome to the home of Get in the Game Hoops.  We're a group of lady law school students, alumnae, and a few non-lawyer friends who love the game of basketball. 

It all began on a crisp, fall day in Washington DC... In the fall of 2005, a "Women's Basketball Club" was formed as a student organization at the Georgetown Law Center, to allow ladies to play pick-up hoops and to get to know current and future colleagues. Everyone had so much fun that we decided to host a one day tournament and invite a bunch of lady lawyers from all different law schools in the DC area.

A league of their own... The tournament was such a success that everyone wanted to keep playing, and the "Lady Lawyers League" was born. The DC spring league had seven teams and over 75 women, and the most recent fall league has seven teams and over 85 women, representing all different law firms, organizations, law schools, and undergrads.  In addition to providing a great chance to run around and play ball, the league offers a fantastic chance to get to know some fantastic colleagues, in a fun and friendly environment.

Becoming more than a student club... Building on this tremendous amount of enthusiasm, a core group of ladies is working to turn Get in the Game into a "real" non-profit organization to ensure that we can keep these events and leagues going.  The three goals of the organization are to:
    1) Provide opportunities and encouragement for women to be physically active.
    2) Provide meaningful networking and mentoring opportunities among women with common interests.
    3) Utilize and contribute net proceeds from GITG events to support charitable organizations that help young women achieve their dreams.

Expanding to California and beyond... With one of the key founders graduating from Georgetown and moving home to California, it's now time for the Golden State to get in the game.  Starting with a kickoff tournament in San Francisco in October... the goal is to get a league up and running in SF, and then in Los Angeles by early 2007.

Help us spread the word... If you're a law student who would like to start up a Get in the Game club at your school, we can help.  If you're a gal who just wants to play, drop us an email.  And if you're a law firm or company that would like to support our fun organization, we would love to hear from you.  Email us at getinthegamehoops@gmail.com.


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