Super-charged Workflow

Leveraging Google Docs & Drive for Supercharging Class Workflow

Online collaboration, sharing and cloud computing are all skills necessary for full participation in the digital-age. By incorporating Google Apps into your digital classroom you can clean up your own desk and take your students further by :
  • Imparting fundamental cloud-computing, collaboration and sharing skills
  • Introducing a higher level of control and accessibility to what is typically considered "at school" activity assessing student work online where parents can be invited to see what is going on
  • Making comments directly on student work where they can be supported
  • Using the same comments function for peer review
  • Tracking homework assignments through the Revision History to see who has been doing what and (exactly) when
Feel free to use this page created just for students!

Why not take peer review to the next level and have students devise test questions based on rubrics to identify weaknesses to be addressed before final assessment. This screencast to YouTube video example was taken for the flipped class section of my MYP Technology website.

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