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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death on Guam.  An example is coronary artery disease. 

Coronary artery bypass is a surgical intervention that creates a path for blood to flow around a blockage and helps prevent a heart attack. This surgery is usually done only off-island unless the heart team is visiting.

Taking your cholesterol, lowering medication and exercising has been shown to reduce the amount of plaque in the arteries.


What to know about Regular Screenings

Be screened regularly by having an annual physical and going to local health fair screenings. Compare your numbers to the ideal numbers. If your numbers are out of the ideal range, ask advice from your doctor about how to get them as close to the ideal as possible for you.


Leading Causes of Death on Guam

At this site, there are quick links and further information to learn about preventing those leading causes of death.  For a variety of other sites, including ones that have videos and interactive programs, go to 'Useful sites' at the top of this page.


Reaching your Ideal Weight

Find your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Find the BMI of your children

American Medical Association Recommendations for Weight Management -Full Appendix


Recording your Fitness Progress  - online methods to track progress

 Eating Tips


DO - Exercise with your kids!    

DON'T - Become a TV zombie!