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What can Guam learn from Places that rated in the Top Healthiest Places to Live?

2014 Notes. See tips from articles in Time Inc. Specials
Time Healthiest Places to Live. Lessons from the top spots for fitness, nutrition, and aging well   State of the States

Best Place for Lifelong Health: Honolulu, Hawaii. Access to Nature and people who make the most of it.

  • Supermarket posters warn, "Don't drink yourself fat! Choose water instead"

Best Place for Eating Right: San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • Here began the "farm to table" movement. 
  • "Locavore" is name for a one-month eat-local campaign.
  • CAFF, Community Alliance with Family Farmers - one of their goals is on increasing purchases by a consortium of hospitals from small farms. 1/4 of the food purchased by UC San Francisco Medical Center for patients, visitors and staff is now sustainable.