Chapter Links

Below are the titles of each chapters and the links provided in each chapter. The links are provided as a convenience so you do not have to type them in.

Chapter 1 - Web 2.0 - It's all About Improved Teaching, Learning, and Knowledge Building
Chapter 2 - Google Sites
Chapter 3 - Google Apps as the Central Feature of the Virtual Learning Commons
Chapter 4 - The Advantages of Google Apps for Education
Chapter 7 - Google Documents
Chapter 8 - Google Spreadsheets
Chapter 9 - Google Forms
Chapter 12 - Google Sites
Chapter 13 - Google Video
Chapter 14 - Start Page
  • Loertscher, David V. and Robin T. Williams. In Command! Kids and Teens Build and Manage Their Own Information Spaces, And Learn to Manage Themselves in Those Spaces. Hi Willow, 2008. ISBN 978-1933170-36-7. Available from
Chapter 15 - Google Apps for Education Mobile
  • No links in the chapter
Chapter 16 - Expanding the Utility of Google Apps:  Google Apps Marketplace
Chapter 17 - Going Outside of Google Apps Education Edition
  • No links in the chapter
Chapter 18 - Google Apps Security
Google Apps and Administrators
Chapter 18 - Google Apps Security
Chapter 19 - Google Apps and Administrators 
Chapter 20 - Getting Started with Google Apps for Education
  • Start with the official Google Apps for Education site at:
  • To register your school for Google Apps for Education, go here:
  • To collaborate with other educators and get Google Apps for Education news:
  • Sample units of instruction using the suite of tools:
  • Connect with Google certified trainers:
  • For help, news and announcements. Check out the Google Apps Education Community:
  • Google booths at various conferences such as ISTE
  • Google Apps for Education Training Center ( For more information and the full application, please review:
  • Certified Trainer program

  • Unofficial Sources

    A Google search will turn up all types of helpful site that provide various helps . For example, check out for a series of videos on Web 2.0 tools and techniques that can be used in the classroom. These videos can be used as models for students needing to create video tutorials on tools others in class need.

    Check out various blogs. Just one sample:
    Lisa Thumann is an excellent blogger and can keep you informed about may tips and tricks with the broader world of Google Apps and technology in education. See her blog at:

    The Extension to This Book

    As a reminder, check out the extensions of this book to learn of new ideas and updates plus an opportunity to participate in discussions: