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How To Get Free Viral Traffic, List Building, And Make Money On AUTO-PILOT !

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Understand The Fastest & Easiest Way To Make Money Online On Autopilot Is With List Building!

There are a ton of ways to make money online but what you want is AUTO-PILOT income streams, so you can work less and make more money. We all want that, right? Well, I’m going to reveal exactly how to do it.

Having a ‘list’ is like having a press that can print money. Within minutes after sending out your email you can see sales coming in. It’s the #1 choice for internet marketers. That’s why there is so much talk about list building.

Even though everyone tells you to focus on list building, it can be quite difficult for beginners to start growing a list. Some people get stuck on the techy side of setting up a list building website, while others don’t know how to get traffic or don’t have a lot to spend on advertising.

Over the years of marketing online, I have tried many traffic generation methods. Out of all the dozen or so methods I’ve tried, only one has proven to be truly hands-free AND not cost a penny... and that is viral marketing.

List Building + Viral Marketing Is The Ultimate Combo For Growing Your List & Making Money Hands-Free!

When you incorporate viral marketing and list building into one, you have the ultimate list building machine!

“Viral marketing” is where your website, ebook, video or any advertising message gets shared and passed around from one person to another. Your ebook, website, photo or video spreads... like a virus, reaching a much greater audience than you could reach by yourself.

And the best part is, having all those people sharing your  website or ebook means free traffic. And the best traffic is free traffic, right?

I’m about to show you my system for generating this free viral traffic that also builds your list at the same time. It uses a combination of viral advertising and list building sites, when put together strategically, will work for you to get real  free viral traffic and people on your list.

A huge viral marketing feature these sites let you take advantage of are.... DOWNLINES!

What If You Could Get People Sending You Traffic And Building Your List For You 5 or 10 Times Faster? 

It’s Possible With A Downline!

Think of downline as an army of affiliates working for you, sending you subscribers, and actually paying you to grow your list bigger. We all want a bigger list, so that’s why you need to take advantage of downlines if you want a big list and having it grow on autopilot.

Now before you think I’m trying to sell you on the latest MLM opportunity, I’m not. It’s not only MLM companies that incorporate downlines in their marketing platforms.

A lot of non-MLM internet marketing programs i.e. viral advertising websites, email safe lists, use the power of downlines to leverage the benefits of viral list building, so the members (that’s you ;-) can see results faster!

Using viral advertising sites to grow your downlines and list, will give you many rewards, but the biggest ones will come in three main forms...

1. Advertising credits when your people join a site in your downline

2. Commissions from your downline members purchase upgrades

3. Your referrals adding more people to your downline for you!

This system you’re learning right now is all about leveraging viral list building and advertising sites to grow your downlines on autopilot. 

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