List of sites to earn free Bitcoins

Ad-supported free Bitcoin sites

Note: Click "Skip ad" if its shown for some links and you will be redirected to Bitcoin site.

    • Free Bitcoin - free 0.00000200 BTC every hour! Payouts every monday.
    • Daily Bitcoins - free 0.00000100 BTC every hour! Payouts only when 100 uBTC collected.
    • RedCoins - get 0.00000100 BTC every hour, min payout 54.3 uBTC, payouts every week.
  • Bitcoin Faucet - get up to 0.0000300 BTC every 6 hours, min payout 15 uBTC, payouts every day.
  • BitCoiner - free random amount of bitcoins ~0.00000200 BTC every day.
  • Bitcoins4me - get free ~0.00000100 BTC, payout only when 55 uBTC collected.
  • BitcoinTree - ~0.00000200 BTC daily.
  • - ~0.00000200 BTC every day.
  • Coin Reaper - small 0.00000100 BTC bonus and helps you visit other free Bitcoin sites.
  • BitcoinAR - miniscule amount of free bitcoins.

View websites and earn coins

  • BitVisitor - get paid to watch websites for 5 minutes. One of the best payouts out here.
  • Earn Free Bitcoins - get paid to watch websites for 1-3 minutes (can be NSFW/Adult Content).
  • - visiting websites for 3 minutes (can be Adult Content). Warning: very high min payout!
    • Registration required
      • CoinAd - free 0.00002 bitcoins for watching websites. Min. cashout is 0.0003 BTC.
      • Get Free Bitcoin - watch video, solve captchas and earn bitcoins.
      • - bitcoins for viewing sites, video and chatting withdraw at 3$.

Miniscule payouts (less or equal to 1 uBTC), min payout 55 uBTC. All using CoinBox.
Usually not worth captcha solving, but if you want them... there they are.

Frequently empty or have some other problems

  • Free Bitcoins - did not pay out for long time.
  • Bunny Run - very tiny amounts..
  • Bitcoin Forest - free 0.00001 bitcoins every day.
  • BitCrate - break crates to get bitcoins. Different crates have different amounts. Note: Often empty.
  • CoinTube.TV - free Bitcoins for watching videos. Note: Not always pays as some users complan.
  • - Bitcoin faucet. Payouts only when 0.01 in faucet, so don't brother filling captchas, also provide answers to questions in lowercase or it will say wrong. Note: Empty long periods of time.