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Staff and agency support

Eric Schmidt Support Staff AOC, Communications Manager
Laura Cleland  Support Staff AOC, Communications Manager 
Chris Fick Support Staff LOC, Govt Relations Associate
Rick Berkobien Legislative Support Committee Services, Committee Manager
Juliene Popinga Legislative Support Legislative Admin., Building Use Coordinator
Amy Williams Member Support Secretary of State, Scheduler and Assistant
Mee Seon Kwon Member Support Secretary of State, Assistant
Katie Ogrodnik Member Support Exec. Assistant - Dick Pedersen
Summer Warner Member Support Exec. Assistant - Michael Jordan
Phil Lemman
Member Support
Legislative Comm. Manager - OJD
Scott Winkels
Member Support
League of Oregon Cities
Emily Ackland
Subcommittee Support
AOC, Policy Manager
Mark Nystrom
Subcommittee Support
AOC, Policy Manager
Mike Eliason
Courtney Shrifter
Subcommittee Support
Subcommittee Support
AOC, Legal Counsel
AOC, Intern