Here's a quick walkthrough video, put together by one of my favorite customers, John Scaglione aka Imaveryluckyman!

[GET] Drag And Drop Mobile Sites - KILLER WP Plugin Turns YOU Into A Mobile PRO! SnapMobile Mobile Website Builder DOWNLOAD

Want to see some live examples of sites created with SNAPMOBILE?

Don't have smart phone handy?
Then click on these links to visit the mobile sites on your browser. Keep in mind that they are optimized to display on tiny screens, so you'll need to shrink down your browser window!

Click Here To Visit The Bike Shop Demo Site

Click Here To Visit The Steam Cleaners Demo Site

You're busy, right? You have a job, maybe a family, you've got
tons of responsibilities! So you don't have time to learn to use 
a complicated piece of software!

Luckily, SNAPMOBILE is so simple to use, you could
have your first mobile site created just minutes after you
install the plugin.

1. Install The SNAPMOBILE WordPress Plugin
2. Click on 'Add New Mobile Site'
3. Drag features onto the smart phone screen and adjust them
4. Click on 'Publish'

You're just 4 short steps away from creating gorgeous, clean,
ultra fast, modern and professional grade mobile websites!

[GET] Drag And Drop Mobile Sites - KILLER WP Plugin Turns YOU Into A Mobile PRO! SnapMobile Mobile Website Builder DOWNLOAD

SNAPMobile now includes the ever-popular
'Tap To Call' and 'Tap To Email' Buttons
Now you can give your visitors a simple way to contact you - both features will work with your visitors' native apps so when they want to contact you through email or by calling, their experience is SEAMLESS!

[GET] Drag And Drop Mobile Sites - KILLER WP Plugin Turns YOU Into A Mobile PRO! SnapMobile Mobile Website Builder DOWNLOAD

Remember - it takes just 4 simple steps to get your first mobile website up
and running with SNAPMOBILE! What are you waiting for??

perfect solution for...

- Website owners that don't want to spend time fooling with code
to build a nice mobile site
- Business owners who just want their site to go mobile quickly so
they can focus on their business
- Website designers that offer mobile website creation services to
their clients! An easy way to bring in a few hundred dollars
with just a few minutes of work!


Originally Posted by Imaveryluckyman View Post
I LOVE Noah's stuff because it's always so easy to use and works right out of the box. 
Not only that he updates them regularly. 

I purchased this it was not a review copy. I created a short video showing how easy it is to use. 
You can look over my shoulder to see how I quickly built 2 mobile pages.

Here's the tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKQ51Kf0QMg

Purchasing is a no brainer once you see how easy it is to use.

Originally Posted by Coby View Post
This is another cool plugin by Noah! His stuff is always great, but his support is even better! 

I just picked up a copy for myself and will be letting my list know about this one also.



Originally Posted by luckydeano View Post
I had a problem with the plugin when initially installed, emailed Noah with the details. He got back to me within 5 minutes with the fix. 

Awesome support and a great product!

Been playing around with the Snap Mobile plugin for an 20 minutes now, Sales page examples do not do this justice.. It is much better, no word of a lie this is my 3rd attempt playing around this took 2 minutes!!!!!!!

View image: Snap Mobile

Originally Posted by winwell View Post
My Quick review:- 

I've been using this plugin now for just over a week and it is addictive. I am really looking forward to the next release as I've made a couple of suggestions and it looks like they're getting implemented.

I've been able to create some very professional looking mobile sites which include all sorts of features such as Google maps, opt in forms, tap to call buttons, videos and more. Plus, it's easy to move objects around and edit them. The text feature is brilliant as you can do all sorts with it just by adding the right code into it. Really impressed. 

I’ve now got a new domain set up just to host these mobile sites. 

My verdict:- This plugin is definitely one to buy!

Originally Posted by webinsiders View Post
This is fantastic work Noah, purchased right away! A solid start to what will become a very robust plugin I'm sure. I've been using DudaMobile because I like the drag/drop functionality, and now I'll be using this plugin for sure.. save me lots of money  

The html code capability of the 'text' box you can drag technically leaves the plugin open to many features (youtube video, google maps, facebook/twitter widgets, etc). It would be nice to see some of these made into draggable widgets in the future, especially the 'tap to call' buttons.

Keep the updates coming, I'm really excited about this purchase. Definitely one of the best I've made this year.

Originally Posted by davhdn View Post
Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for this WSO. I am commenting because I have purchased from Noah in the past, purchased several of the other mobile site builders, and just finished my first mobile site with this plugin. I should also mention that I have personally met Noah by pure coincidence after I was already a customer.

I swore I would never buy another mobile site building plugin again. I got ripped off by many of the plugins that made these claims in the past. I paid big money to a developer to build a mobile site template for me and I have enough knowledge of code to do it myself. I know that Noah stands behind his work and doesn't release products that over promise and under deliver. So I decided to give it a shot.

I bought this plugin and about 30 minutes later had completed my first mobile site with it. This is as simple as anything I have ever seen. "Drag and drop" is completely accurate when it comes to this plugin. If you know how to upload a plugin, you can use this and produce sharp/clean looking sites. With other mobile builder plugins, the demos are far better looking than what you can easily create. I don't think Noah did himself justice with the demo sites he shows. My site already looks awesome and to par with something I would have no problem pitching to clients.

If you have any concerns about the technical aspects of building mobile sites, don't let them stop you from picking up this plugin. Building a mobile site could not possibly be easier. As word begins to spread to business owners about the Google adjusting their algorithm for mobile searches, you will need a solution to offer for mobile sites. This is the tool you need to sell reasonably priced mobile sites to clients that do not have them currently. This will open the door to countless clients who rely on mobile search, but do not currently have a mobile site. It has never been easier to build mobile sites or more important to be able to offer this service.

If you don't already have a mobile site solution that is clean looking and ridiculously fast, you need to pick up this plugin

[GET] Drag And Drop Mobile Sites - KILLER WP Plugin Turns YOU Into A Mobile PRO! SnapMobile Mobile Website Builder DOWNLOAD