Japanese GETA are "GETALS"

It is pleasant when a tip of a foot is opened.


I made‼

 My name is Masato Omori of the "SAGANOYA" 
By born ones in Kyoto. 
The way of staying healthy of 5 toes was advocated in Spain. 
Now, the footwear of 5 fingers, such as 5 finger socks and 5 finger sandals, is appearing one after another. 
Then, I did 5 finger development in wooden clogs. 
I am wanting to advocate the 5 finger way of staying healthy in the Japanese way of thinking. 

" GETALS is -- are hard to slide and the touch is good -- skin -- easy -- the fit " 

YouTube 動画

A natural material is used in the form of loose S character curve. 

A material uses the hard and light "KISO NEZUKO." 
The "KISO NEZUKO" is the highest-class material used as a material of peace wooden clogs from ancient times, and can feel the merit of the touch by a tip of a foot by the warmth which a tree has.
Foot comfort which fits in loose S character curve so that it may stick fast in the slanting form which can be worn easily was realized.

The exquisite combination with which japanese and Europe were united

Form =GETALS of new wooden clogs is proposed by setting a Europe clog thong by the japanese wooden clogs from the former. 
The design which was rich in varieties, such as simplicity and casuals, in the color of a clog thong and the design is proposed. 
Please choose according to a scene. 

"I am glad to be kind also to the tiredness of a leg on the body" 

Blood circulation becomes good by opening of a tiptoe, and it only wears, and is POKA POKA. 
The tiptoe of a leg is opened wide by using 5 fingers, blood circulation becomes good according to the massage effect only by having worn, and a tip of a foot HOKAHOKA. 
It is like which is not cold as for bare feet. 

Balance is good and he can walk to beautiful. 
Since power is distributed with balance sufficient on one 1 toe by 5 fingers, he can walk on and on to beautiful by foot comfort with sense of stability.
 Moreover, a tiptoe is opened wide with 5 fingers, and it uses gently also to hallux valgus and gets. 
Walking using all of 5 fingers can use the muscles which are not used usually with feeling like bare feet. 
Thereby, it is beautiful in a posture and is footwear new type [ good for health ].