Under Counter Keg Refrigerator

under counter keg refrigerator
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under counter keg refrigerator - Haier HBF05EBSS
Haier HBF05EBSS Draft Beer Dispenser
Haier HBF05EBSS Draft Beer Dispenser
The Haier HBF05EBSS Kegerator with Stainless Steel Door is the only full-size keg beer cooler with the ability to be turned into an all-refrigerator with two shelves. In addition to coming complete with all the all the necessary draft beer equipment to pour fresh draft beer straight from the keg, this kegerator can easily be converted to a regulator refrigerator. The Haier Kegerator with Stainless Steel Door is designed for home use so it designed with quiet and energy efficiency in mind. 2 1/2" casters make this unit very easy to move from your bar to your patio. This unit also comes with an attractive metal safety rail to help keep mugs and glasses from sliding off. This unit comes with everything you need except the keg. You will need to get the CO2 tank filled locally. You should look up gas suppliers in your local yellow pages to find a place to get the tank filled. A full CO2 tank should last about 5 to 6 kegs.

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Neighborhood meat counter
Neighborhood meat counter
This was the cured meats counter in the neighborhood super market chain. Wait til I post the pictures of the upscale places!

under counter keg refrigerator