Turbo Air Refrigeration

turbo air refrigeration
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turbo air refrigeration - Turbo Air
Turbo Air TWR-48SD 48" Two Door Worktop Refrigerator
Turbo Air TWR-48SD 48" Two Door Worktop Refrigerator
Turbo Air Refrigeration prides itself on leading the industry in reliability, energy efficiency, durability and customer support. You can trust Turbo Air units to offer low maintenance cost, operating cost and competitive unit cost. Offereing a full line of reach-ins, undercounter, sandwich prep, pizza prep, underbar coolers, merchandisers, bakery and deli cases. 12 cu ft capacity (2 doors) All stainless front, top and sides exterior No joint-gap ABS interior with highly dense polyurethane forming keeps unit cool and makes it easy to clean The powerful forced-air refrigeration system holds the pan and storage cabinet in constant temperature. 2 fans and newly designed louver offer an excellent cooling efficiency Adjustable stainless steel wire shelves 5'' casters are standard 2 Fans for cooling compressor and condensing unit Top surface is stainless steel. 4 1/2'' back riser for wall placement Magnetic door gaskets are one piece and easily removable Recessed handles Self-contained oversized refrigeration system for stable temperatures with minimum run times. Holds 33 to 38 degrees F. New temperature of storage cabinet meets NSF standard 7. 48 1/3''W x 30''D x 39 1/2''H 115V, 7 foot cord included 6.5 Amps, 1/3HP C & US UL listed, NSF 7 Approved 2 year parts & labor warranty plus 3 additional years warranty for compressor parts

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Turbo, Turbocharger
Turbo, Turbocharger
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Turbo S
Turbo S
New Turbo S cruising down the street after Carmel Artomobilia. Thanks to everyone who has viewed my photos; I have now hit 50,000 total views! Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet (997.2)-Carmel Artomobilia, Carmel, Indiana

turbo air refrigeration