The G. E. Society,s  HPT Arts & RYK Science college library known as the “Bhausaheb Vartak Granthalay” was established in the year 1924 to support the academic and extra-curricular objectives of the college.

The objectives of the library are:-

   1). To participate effectively in the college program as it strives to meet the reading           and information needs to students, teachers and ex-readers.

   2).  Provide the students with services and reading material so as to enable them to          use the library for referring to text books, reference books,Journals,on line                    resources for independent study.

    3). Provide services and reading material to the teaching faculty of the college so              as to enable them to use the library for preparing lectures, continuing                            education and research.

   4).  Provide orientation, user education and reference service to the teachers and              students in order to maximize the use of the library.

   5).  To support the extra-curricular activities conducted by the college.