Welcome to גֵּר־וְתוֹשָׁב*, the website of David M. Miller, Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism at Briercrest College and Seminary. At this site you will find syllabi, class notes and resources, and other information related to my research and to the courses I teach at Briercrest. For more information about me, including my email address and a more realistic picture, click on the About Me link to your left.

*גֵּר־וְתוֹשָׁב (ger ve toshav) is a Hebrew phrase that may be translated "an alien and a stranger." The phrase occurs in Genesis 23:4, Leviticus 25:35, 47; Num 35:15; and is echoed in 1 Peter 2:11; it is also the name of my blog: http://gervatoshav.blogspot.com/.

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