Robots that Monitor

Sending Data Over the Cellular Network
Me with my latest product, an autonomous robot that monitors a wide variety of sensors.  I am a manager for Cellular Machines. We make software and hardware for communicating data over the cellular network. Cellular Machines, LLC.  The last group of products I built were Internet based and used low cost web servers.  I'm based in Austin, Texas.  
There are three books I wrote about technology and they are available on Amazon.  Key in my name and enjoy.

Latest Project-Moving Data over Cell Network This project started off as a means to alert drivers of Coca Cola bottling company in Mexico that the vending machines were out of Dr Pepper.  Seemed interesting and we found plenty of parts in Europe since they had developed SMS text messaging in and out of vending machines several years ago.

monitoring using the cellular network
Device accepts a wide variety of sensors like temperature, humidity, and voltage. Alarms go out via text messages and the history is logged into a Cloud Server.

 We built a workbench prototype which send text messages and would receive data from the can dispenser. Six months into this the key executive was kidnapped in Mexico and the project was stopped.
Now A Nice Range of Products
The original product was designed for food monitoring for restaurants.  The interest created spread to medical fridges, truck fridges, and many public schools.  In Mexico, TelMex uses a variation that measures power consumption. We even made a version that worked as a time clock.

New Orleans Recommendation Acme Seafood 5/2012
Best oysters I have ever eaten.  Show up early - place is jammed.

Good RedundancyIf its in stock we have it
Walker's Tire Company displays the finest tautology on Lamar Blvd.  Since I get up every morning and wonder what we have in inventory, I am completely sympathetic.

Former Fav Restaurant
I used to go to Guero's on South Cangress in Austin for Sunday tacos and Mexican beer. Not any more. Parking is hard to find and the crowds are maddening. Am looking for a new place. Too bad, the food and atmosphere are terrific
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