Mast Ladder


The Get Up Mast Ladder is supplied with different types of sail slides to fit your mast groove which come in four standard designs and sizes.

Lengths from 25ft to 40ft as standard however, other lengths can be made to order with delivery normally seven to ten days from receipt of the order. Alternative versions are available with Velcro straps or bolt rope in place of the sail slides suitable for use with in-mast reefing or furling systems, locating into the small staysail track alongside the main one. To increase the safety aspect we now fit Velcro straps in addition to sail slides to all versions. 

Once hoisted using the main halyard, the lower end of the Get-Up ladder is secured, typically to a reefing horn, or other convenient point on the boom.

Many users also wear a safety harness secured to another halyard, or a topping lift. The 'slack' on this safety line needs to be taken up by a crew member as an ascent is made. A few turns of this safety line is slipped around a halyard winch, and the tension maintained, so that in the unlikely event of an accident, the person ascending the mast cannot fall.

Ascent is straightforward, Simply climb onto the boom, and then carefully climb the ladder, ensuing that your feet are securely placed in each loop before proceeding.

At the mast top the safety loop (which is an integral part of the Get-Up ladder) can be secured around the body, to provide a comfortable working position. Descent is similarly straightforward. The safety line, if used, needs to be released gradually by a crew member, as the descent is made.