Leisure Spares

Replacement GRP Mouldings

A range of replacement mouldings and other parts are produced to order, from moulds that have been purchased by the Leisure Owners Association. Replacement mouldings are available whether or not you are a members of the Association, but members receive discounted prices.

Repairs are generally not practicable, or economic. However it is sometimes possible to re-use the steelwork from old rudders and skegs - so please don't throw your old rudder or skeg away until you have spoken to us.

We can supply rudders and skegs for many models, as well as some anchor locker tops and main hatches. Please enquire about other parts needed, as the range of mouldings is gradually being extended. You can see some of the types available in the photographs in the gallery.

If you are unsure about what rudder or skeg you need have a look here where you can see the rudders and skegs on a Leisure 17, 20, 22 and 23. Note that the Leisure 17 & 17SL and Leisure 23 & 23SL have identical rudder and skeg mouldings.

When ordering spares it is always useful if you could include a photograph of the old part, and a note of the key overall dimensions. This will ensure that we supply the correct replacement, as some parts do vary in design from boat to boat, even if nominally identical.

Price is on application for all mouldings (the cost of GRP materials frequently fluctuate as it is based on oil).

Replacement Leisure 23SL Forehatch Rubber Hinges

The original rubber hinge tops on the forehatch hinges on the Leisure 23SL deteriorate due to weathering, and often split, potentially leading eventually to loss of the forehatch.

Complete kits, including instructions, are now available from stock.

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